Civic Hatch Info

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I am wondering what models are for sale in the us. I want to know if the vx, cx, dx, and si hatchback were all sold in the us. I also want to find out thier stats. I have looked into the reference section already. thanks for the help.
u want cx if u can, it is the lightest car honda has made to date, i believe. a cx with b18c5(all motor) or b18c1 turbo will be a great car to work with.
Here is a link with the differences in the hatchbacks..The VX and the CX weight the same,but in curb weight the VX comes out lighter because of smaller wheels.Not to mention the VX already comes with vtec so you don't have to run it in a swap.The lightest car they made that I know is the 84-87 crx.Maybe one of the older ones is lighter,but I don't know.