civic hatch


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i'm lookin at gettin a new body kit on my 93 civic cx hatch, it's painted vette yellow and was wondering anyone has any good idea's for a nice body kit, i know like c-west and others just want to know if there are any other's or what you think looks good on my cx hatch


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Well the R33 Kit has always been one of my favorites. In fact i have one for sale if you'd like. Its very suttle without any wild curves or ugly vents. Let me know if your interested, we can work something out. I got pics too if u want


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This is the front

This is the rear

The side skirts are the M3 Style, very nice, and all the pieces are brand new, primered/gel coated white, and genuine pieces from Ground Designs.

(i know the rear is on a coupe, but the pieces are all made for the 92-95 Civic Hatchback)


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one of my favorite bodykits for the eg has always been bomex... and then the mirrors only make it even better.


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my friend had this on his baby blue hatch and it looked really nice, seemed to me like it was one of those kits where i thought it looked weird but then it won me over. :D