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So Within the month i am going to be picking my new Jeep Rubicon up from the dealer, and soon after that i am going to have the 4.5 inch lift on it and 35's, so i was thinking to get rid of the civic, which since it is not worth much at all since it is not stock and it is a DX to just drive over it a few times in the jeep. i think it would be a good idea, my parents dont care since they dont care to sell it.
Good Idea?


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Pointless thread. I love jeeps, but running over a Civic is a fucktard thing to even think about. Sell it , buy a gun, and kindly shoot yourself in the balls so that you will not be able to contaminate the world with your stupidity.


Thank you for your business.
i'll buy the 99 before I let you drive over it. since you're gonna junk it anyway I'll give you 300 for it. then i'll turn around and sell it for some Gs. :ph34r:


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haha this is funny, i wouldnt drive over it, it could hurt the jeep haha. it is going to be my parents toy car now since they both have Jeep Grand Cherokees and the want a small car to bum around in. I wanted to have some fun and see what the reaction i got from saying driving over it.


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It's always good to keep an offroader around - BUt the Wrangler, while being a fun design is SO outdone. More so than a Civic.

I drive a 1987 4Runner. Convertible to a degree, but still it's more utilitian than any Wrangler (Maybe a Scrambler could get me by). It's flexible enough to be insured and registered throughout the year - yet it's not so gas guzzling as a larger Jeep. It fits on trails (Rocky Mountain High)

My GF now has a Chevy Tracker, which is much more her speed. Smaller, 30 mpg, a simple snowy-road type of 4WD and it's small enough to easily maneuver. It's fun in the summer with it's drop top (It's a 2 door vert) but at the same time I couldn't imagine actually carrying anything in it.

Different strokes, but Cliff's Notes:

The Wrangler may seem like a flexible and welcome daily car. But really it's not. Try a tiny Honda (Like a lightweight 78 Civ or 87 CRX) for weekend cruising and great mileage, and a slightly more utilitarian kind of truck (The only convertible truck in the world is the 4Runner.. so I can't suggest anything out of that.. And the K5 / Broncos don't get better mileage than the Jeep)

-> Steve

Maybe a Soob Brat :)