Civic Reverse Lights.......WIRING ISSUES!


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I was just wondering if anyone has had any problems with their reverse lights in a 92-95 Civic Hatch?? I got an alarm installed, and have had trouble ever since. Whenever I turn on the headlights, the reverse lights come on as well. They are not as bright as they are when the tranny is actually in reverse, but they never shut off!!

I thought it was a bad ground and so re-wired the ground wires, but there is still no success. Anyone know where I should start looking???

Battle Pope

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I'd start in the vicinity of the alarm. Or take it back to the shop that installed it and tell them to un-clusterfuck it.


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OK, I took it back and also called the previous owner of the car. The installers could not find anything wrong on their part, and the owner of the car verified that in saying that he has had the same trouble with it on and off over the last four years. And that is when the car had no alarm system at all!!! So, I am back to square one.

Anyone know where I could start looking?? I wanna fix it so other drivers quit giving me funny looks <_<


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Originally posted by Battle Pope@May 27 2005, 06:48 PM
Try to trace the ground to the taillights.
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I was just about to say that....
It sounds to me like a bad ground connection too..... Theres Usually one right in between the two tailights....check that one...

I had the same problem when I rewired my civic....This ground is usually held by a 10mm bolt...

Good luck man...


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Thank you guys! Once it quits raining in this damn country I will get out and give her a shot! If you think of anything else, let me know!