civic si

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yeah, it's a repost of the 2006 Si, but it isn't a repost of that particular 2006 Si.

For some reason, the one I seen in black looks much more appealing than that maroon/burgundy one.
it looks sorta big for a civic; seems theyre aiming for the same size as the altima or something.
Originally posted by SiLude@Jul 2 2005, 08:33 AM
it has too much of a Saturn feel to it. but i dunno, if i had to, i would drive one.

what motor comes in it?
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i read on that one of the civics is going to have a **18? and the Si is getting a 200hp k20. dont know if its confirmed though.
the coupe looks a lot sportier than the things they're selling now. I only like EG civics. The EK's were decent, not really my liking. The new shit EPs or whatever they are, are ugly as shit. I wouldn't buy one.