Civic SOHC in a Yugo?

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I am likely coming into possession of a 1986 Yugo GVX. The "sport" model with a 1300cc engine and 5 speed trans. The engine is a piece of junk from sitting outside, and it only made like 54hp to begin with. So my brother wants to see a Honda engine swapped in.

Would the effort of converting the car from cable to a hydraulic transmission setup be worth it? I have an extra hydro trans.

Should I use a carbed Honda engine, or how much of the wiring would I need from a fuel injected Civic would I need? The Yugo is carbed.

Is there an easy way to figure out the mounting of an engine? Just get the axles straight and make mounts to hold it there?

I KNOW custom axles will be needed, but WHO is best to go to for this?

I have connections of sorts to get stuff from a junkyard cheap, already own an extra D series engine, trans, exhaust and ECU, engine hoist and I have a welder to fabricate any mounts I need.

Any suggestions will at least be considered.
theres one of those car in my local area that has a b18b in it so it can be done. but everything will have to be custom made.and i would just keep it cable tranny.
Is there really any advantage to cable trans though? I'm not trying to argue, but I'd rather not buy another trans unless I have to. Or could I convert the hydro trans to cable?
I would need another cable anyway, since the Honda trans sits on the passenger side instead of the driver's side like the Yugo.
it like ford vs chevy. i like them both equal there is not one better than the other that i know of