civic stuff for sale

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in marion, tx off I10. its about 45 minutes away from san marcos and about 25 minutes away from san anotnio i guess. gates open at 6:00 so i'm planning on getting there around that time.

15.8 at the track on a my d15b7. i said i would hit 15's and i did. proved all of you wrong who said i couldn't do it.

i'm at work so i can't put the timeslips up until i get home tonight or i'll do it tomorrow. i was hoping to hit a little lower, but this was my first time running my car at the track. i hope to get it a little lower next time as i get more practice. i'm also running with some 205-50-15 falken azenis, i may try some different tires and rims next time i go. the azeni grab pretty good, but may be a little to heavy.

also, my friend has a 1.5l vx hatch. he was hitting 15.9's. i'll post the timeslips up asap.

not bad for two sohc motors.