Civic VX 94


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Excellent condition, Red Honda VX, Exterior and Interior beautiful. 267k highway miles. Meticulously maintained. Extra Clean $4100.00


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You guys are pretty much tards you know that? 4100 is more than likely a starting price for one. Second, chances are the person who buys it, especially of this site is going to swap out the motor within a day. Third, that is about going rate, especially if it doesn't have rust, and is in as good of shape interior and exterior as he is saying.

I'd say providing maintiance records, and a car fax, it is a decent place to start the bartering.


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Wow, why doesn't he just give it to you? He should just give it away for free, hugh? I mean, just because the body is perfect (like show room), the car runs like new, the interior is perfect (it's spotless, I've been in it), and it has a more expensive stereo than most of you fools' cars cost, you're absolutely right, the car is worth "two pairs of timberlands"....

Having seen the car and driven it personally, I'd say before you tear a guy a new one for advertising a decent car for a reasonable price, you should get the facts.


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Retail value courtesy of KBB.


1994 Honda Civic VX Hatchback 2D

Engine: 4-Cyl. 1.5L 16V VTEC
Trans: 5 Speed Manual
Drive: Front Wheel Drive
Mileage: 267,000

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Air Conditioning
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AM/FM Stereo
Dual Front Air Bags
Alloy Wheels

Retail Value $4,160
The Kelley Blue Book Suggested Retail Value represents the amount an auto dealer might ask for a specific vehicle. The Suggested Retail Value is a starting point for negotiation therefore the actual sale price will vary. Popularity, condition, warranty, color and local market conditions will be factors involved in determining a final price. This retail value is not a trade-in or private party value.
This Suggested Retail Value assumes that the vehicle has been fully reconditioned and has a clean title history. The Suggested Retail Value also allows for advertising, sale commissions, insurance and other costs of doing business as a dealer. Most vehicles being offered at this price have passed an inspection and some may carry a warranty.

90 accord

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retail for my accord was 4,400 when it was stolen, i got 3,300 for it from insurance.

retail is a completely different story then bb.


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You have to go through private sales. Retail means through a dealer and they clean up whats wrong with it and fix any major problems before they sell it. For a car with that many miles on it I'd expect to get 800 at the most. I don't care what kind of stereo is in it. The car can only last so long.