CL 2.3 Vtec swap to a 1994 Prelude ???

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New Member
I have a 1998 Acura cl 2.3 Vtec and I just bought a 1994 Prelude with the 2.2 non Vtec engine. I'm wanting to put the 2.3 engine in the Prelude . Will this be as easy as I think or am I missing something? Please if you have any Helpfull information that I should know first, then please reply.... THANKS!
They are direct swaps with each other but your Prelude is OBD1 and the CL is OBD2 so you either need to convert the Prelude to OBD2 or convert the engine to OBD1 by using your 2.2 Electronics but there will be very little to no power gain
Which one would be the easiest? The engine in the Prelude is blown but I haven't had a chance to go through the car yet. The 2.3 from the CL will be rebuilt with my 13 year old son and I plan on letting him drive to car at the tracks near us... thanks for the info!
putting the 2.3 in the prelude and using the prelude intake and distributor but but then you will need a obd1 f22 vtec ecu and also wire vtec, and if spending money on rebuild just buy a h22 and be done a f22/f23 is a waste of $$$