Clock/Interior light/Cig light fuse short in Da9

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New Member
Sup everybody,
So as it says my clock/int. light/ cig light fuse is shorting which is some how preventing my stereo from working...
Ok so I went under my dash today and pulled out this:

It was balled up, grounded to the dash and not connected to a thing! Does any of it look factory?

Check out these red, white and yellow wires above the fuses. They are also completely cut/taped, anyone know what they would possibly be for?

In this picture if you look at the yellow wires, there's those two yellow splice clip looking things, any thing unusual?

Clutch pedal view.
werd. ive been wasting hours going thru everything looking for more useless wires, next step is taking the dash off =[[
ALL I NEED IS A DIAGRAM OF THE WIRES CONNECTING TO THE TOP OF THE FUSE BOX! I've seared everywhere and have found nothing...