clogged filter... fuel pump death???

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ok, so i changed the gas tank in my car (1997 acura integra, RS b18b1, manual)last june... didn't change the filter.... my car died out recently, but i ruled out the fuel filter... because i had replaced it about a year and a half before i changed my tank.... so now that my car is sitting there dead, and having replaced the distrubutor, throttle body, fuel regulator, crank sensor, oxygen sensor,fuel FILTER (because when i checked it, i could barely blow throgh it, it was so clogged). i don't have the fitting to test how much pressure the pump is putting out. but the car does this. fires up momentarily, starts to get weak, then dies out. starts back up, but instead of accelerating, dies out, and fires through the intake ports on its way down with the accelerator to the floor (in frustration). usually after the third time i try to sart it, it cranks, but no start. i know i get spark, i put the timing light on it and it pulses the way it should. i've checked and rechecked the wiring, the grounds, and all the fuses and relays. does anyone have a clue what it might be besides the fuel pump? oh, and now it doesn't start period. as of today. has half a tank of fuel... any thoughts? anyone selling a decent pump? let me know and thank you for your help... or jeers... or whatever...:huh:
When you say backfiring through the intake. I think it's prolly timing related. I would go back and double even triple check the timing. I believe your plugs are prolly firing too soon.

If it's not the problem, then check the fuel delivery. Regulater could be the culprit!
changed out the regulator, put a new fuel pump in, and put the timing light on it to check the timing, then i noticed that it was misfiring on the spark side, all this time i was convinced that it was the fuel side. the car idles fine for a while, then starts to miss randomly, eventually dying out. any ideas???
when it starts to misfire at random, any attempt to accelerate causes the engine to stumble and die out. i just put a new distributor on ot, same with plugs, cables, cap and rotor. why would it do that???
Sounds like timing to me. Have you put a light to it, or checked your timing to see if it jumped or needs retimed?
It's gotta be the timing man.. You give it gas it floods. The plugs are firing too early or too late! Check your dist.
ok, so i was checking my timing as i was told... and noticed something. the car starts and runs fine at first, but then starts stumbling and missing on its own!!! it's not a fuel problem because whenever the miss ocurred, the light wouldn't flash. i'm going to check out the ignition switch. what do you think?