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Ok try n make this clear n simple.

-91 Civic Hatch
-GSR Hydro Tranny
-Hasport Cable/Hydro Conversions
-ACT 6 Puck
-ACT Pressure Plate

Now when the car is off the tranny shifts fine. When the car is on it wont go into gear. Sometimes it will if you jam it. Then well moving if you push the pedal all the way to the floor it wont dis engage the clutch all the way. So normally your car would go to idle, but mine wont. The rpms stay at the speed im at. If i push the shifter itowards gear with no clutch, but it wont pop into gear the car will try n go slowly but not enough to get anywhere. When at a stop with the car in gear and clutch in the car wont stop, it keeps going. What could this be. Pressure Plate? I already adjusted the clutch cable all the way and no affect. Please lmk asap.


That’s how you get ants
any chance you can adjust the linkage at the trans? thats what it sounds like the problem is...

those conversion kits suck. they never really work right and anything HASport is a rip-off. $300 for mounts? you can do the same with a welder for 1/10th the price :)