Clutch Different!

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Junior Member
ordered a clutch from exedy and its bigger than mine

My Flywheel bolt patern and diameter is 9-9/16
The Flywheel supplied is 10inch diameter

My pressure plate is 8-1/2 diameter
The pressure plate supplied is 8-7/8

My clutch disk plate is 8-3/8
The clutch disk plate supplied was 8-11/16 ><

I have a JDM h22a... is this the domestic clutch??? They say they sent me the right one!


WRX Sellout
When I ordered my clutch and flywheel from Clutchmasters for my JDM H22A, I just told them it was a Prelude (which happens to be the same package as an Accord) and it all fit fine.

Either they sent you the wrong one, or Exedy sucks. :)