clutch problems!!!

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boostless and proud!
I have a 93 jdm h22a and I parked it for about 2 hours while I was fishing and I came back, I started it and I couldn't get into gear for nothing. I started it in gear after struggling with it and it just started creeping as soon as I started it. I got it towed to my house let it it sit. I bled the the hydro lines from the slave cylinder which I just replaced about a month ago, and still no results, I thought it was the master but its not leaking. So one day I start it in gear and drive it around with no clutch and I just kept messing with it and it started working fine. Then today I'm sitting at a light in nuetral and wouldn't go into gear and yet again it won't go into gear. The clutch is losing no pressure and I'm not losing any fluid. I also had my friend press the the clutch pedal down and the flywheel was still moving, and it did that last time also. My friend said its probably afrozen clutch, but could it unfreeze itself and then freeze up again. I've never had clutch problems with this car. The clutch never slipped, it worked fine then suddenly don't work, any help would great thanks.
I just put a new clutch in my car, it does the same thing but i have not had time to mess with it yet. If I understand correctly the clutch pedal will need to be adjusted, but it might take other adjustments also. Not sure on that yet.
did you repalce the throw out bearing? with your clutch pressed in it shouldnt move maybe you have a issue with your tranny.