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three questions.....not that i'm a cheap ass but i don't wanna spend more money if i don't have to....

1. Is there any reason why i shouldn't buy a used act pressure plate with a supposed 300 miles on it....i would never buy a used clutch plate because of possible improper break in...does the same apply for the pressure plate?

2. Are Act and other big clutch manufacturers worth what they cost or are you partially paying for the name?

3. Is there anyone that has good luck with a cheaper brand clutch?


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1. i wouldnt
2. for the most part yes they are worth it... im sure part of it is the name though
3. dunno


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Don't buy a used clutch. You can go cheaper, but clutches are not a middle of the road thing that you can get Brand :B for cheaper because so-and so didn't make it and it's not brand name. The best costs, I have found no inbetween.


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actually Excedy clutches are pretty inexpensive so i was looking at them but not sure if it was as good a quality as ACT thats why i was asking opinions...thanks but still undecided


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Originally posted by dohch22a4@Apr 9 2004, 12:17 PM
Don't listen to the Exedy haters. Great company, great product. ACT is great too. It's your choice.

Hell ya, my Exedy is nice. Not a performance lodel, but it holds a little higher than stock and has a nice pedal feel, not soft and lifeless like the stock one.


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i use an ACT good to 450hp so its got a pretty stiff feel to it. good nuff to bark my tires shiftin to fourth @95mph with 17's :D

i'd recommend ACT's stiffer clutch for a higher hp setup. the only drawback is driveability in traffic kinda sucks.


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Originally posted by typesiracing@Apr 11 2004, 04:20 PM
seems still pretty divided on the subject but thanks for all the insight.

Not really, there's those of us that are right, and then there are those that don't like exedy :p


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has anybody heard of Clutch Specialties? there is a guy on another website i go to that is selling them for cheap. a couple people i have talked to say they love their clutches they bought. here's the post:

***All Prices include Shipping***
(Clutch kits include all new bearings, heavy duty pressure plate rated at 1700psi, and Clutch Alignment tool)
****Clutch kits Rated for 300 ft-lb torque***

D Series (Clutch Specialties)
6 puck Unsprung Clutch set ups 240$ shipped
6 puck Sprung 260$ shipped

B series Clutch kits from Clutch Specialties(320 ft-lb tq rating)
6 puck Unsprung 285$ shipped
6 puck Sprung 305$ shipped
B Series Clutch kit Pro Clutch(250 ft-lb tq rating)
6 puck unsprung 240 shipped
6 puck sprung 260 shipped

***Local pick up is allowed at a discounted price***

just wondering because i am thinking about getting one.


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<--- Clutch Specialties Stage 2 clutch disc and pressure plate. I love this clutch and wouldn't buy any other.

do you live in So. Cal? If you do I would recommend going down to Clutch Specialties and tell them exactly what you want your clutch specs to be. Great company, my friends and I all use their clutches.