clutch replacement...


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Hi, I have a 96 civic ex and my clutch finally went.
does anyone know how to change out a clutch in a d16y8? and hopefully maybe someone has some pics.. if anyone can give me any help as to any certain steps i need to take... and certain things i need to look out for. thanks in advance i really need the help, as i cant afford the labor costs... oh and i have access to a lift and most likely all the tools i will need..


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does anyone know how to change out a clutch in a d16y8?
sigh.. they're pretty much all the same mang. buy a chiltons or a haynes manual. NO WAY you should just go by direction on this site. get tips or something from here but as a first time R&R on a clutch you gotta have a manual or somebody with you. spend $10 on a manual and come here for tips. we'll be happy to help :)

and trust me you dont want 20 people telling you to 'do this', 'no do that first' while trying to figure out who to listen to.


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alright cool.. thanks...

yea i was looking for clutches, and i saw that there was a replacement clutch that 210mm and like 205mm do both work? which is better?


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I would recomend buying a HELMs manual. They have every little trq spec, and everything is printed in easy to read steps vs paragraph form like some manuals.

As for clutchs, get the same size that your car comes with. Also, call ahead and find a machine shop to resurface your flywheel. If you don't, your disc will take on the inperfections of your flywheel (basicly a mirror immage of your old clutch) and the life of the new disc will suffer.