Clutch Replacement

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Just wondering the basic steps behind replacing a clutch on a 96 integra. I have the shop manual but its only very specific, nothing leading up to where you actually access the clutch. Is pulling the motor/tranny required? I called around and got $400 quotes pretty much everywhere to replace it (thats just labor) and I'd much rather do it myself, especially with engine lifts being in the low $100's


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ive done it at least 20 times on FWD cars.

Support engine and trans. Remove axles, remove trans and rear mount/bracket, unbolt everything on the trans, unbolt trans.

there are 9 (i think, maybe 10) PP 12 point bolts.

You'd figure it out after you get the trans off.

You have to A) obviously lift up the front of the car some how (jackstands)
B) Remove the axle's
C) Un-Hook the linkage/tranny mount / misc wires going into the tranny
D) Remove the tranny 17mm bolts if i remember correct and lower it down somehow- use your imagination- extra jack, your big muscles, etc...
E) Remove the clutch
F) re install new clutch, (also you could have your flywheel taken off and resurfaced) using the specified centering tool
G) follow reverse directions

just the basic jist of it

edit: 92civicB18b1 beat me too it.... i just used a fancy lettering system


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Thanks for the fast reply... doesn't seem like $400 worth of labor to me. I'll find some friends and knock that out this weekend.

Anyone in or around NC thats done one before wanna lend a hand? PM me if you can and we'll talk about what you want for helping out.


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also don't forget the starter bolts too!!! Chances are if the tranny doesn't come off fairly easily you missed a bolt somewhere.
^ oh yeah stick that in part D :p

i thought i was forgetting somthing... i just wanted to throw out a quick over-view of what the job required


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yea $400 + $120+ is worth it, but if you can do it yourself great you saved yourself $400.

If you were closer to NJ I'd help ya out. I've knocked clutch jobs out in 4 hours by myself.


Or if your good you can change the clutch without even dropping the tranny. Just pry it off enough to take the the clutch out and put the knew one in. Not recommended though.


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Once the tranny is out is it hard to change the flywheel too? I figure while I'm in there I might as well put in a lightweight flywheel


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I think it's 8 bolts.

don't forget the pilot bearing then. I just hammered mine in.