Code 41

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After coming home from a party late Saturday night, I hit some stealthy railroad tracks, and it jarred my car pretty good. The CEL came on right away, and I thought that I had just jogged something and that it would be fine the next morning.

Well, it wasn't, and I pulled the code for heated O2 sensor. Since I had to do some rewiring for the O2 sensor after my swap, I thought that I just knocked a wire loose or something. This thought was backed up by lsvtec, who I called after beating my head into the ground. He suggested that it was a loose wire, since he thought the heated O2 sensor only looks for a code once the engine is up to temp, and I throw the code immediately upon startup. Anyway, all the wires were fine at the ECU, as was the wiring down near the sensor on the manifold.

Also reset the ECU, still throwin 41.

So, I'm just looking for some help from my Hondaswap bruthas to see if there are other suggestions besides replacing the O2 sensor. Thanks in advance.
Damn, still there huh? All the wires in the ECU and in the sensor are okay? I am not sure how much you want to deal with Nate, but you could go ask Andy and use nate as a last resort.


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o2 sensors are pretty damn fragile. if you drop it, it will break. if you hit it hard enough- you very well may have made it garbage....
Alright, so has two O2 sensors listed. I emailed them about which one to use, and they tell me that one is for USDM models, and the other is JDM. I take it that, since I'm running a JDM engine with matching JDM ECU, I want to get the one for the Japanese models, right? See below for both emails:

Mine: Hi, I'm looking to buy an O2 sensor for a 1995 Accord EX 4-cyl from your site, and I noticed that there are two sensors listed, with the same diagram number (031) but different part numbers (110196 and 110197). I was wondering if you could tell me the difference, as there is a $60 price difference. I know that I need a pre-cat sensor, and I'm wondering if your diagram has mistakenly tried to group both sensors into the same diagram part. See the link below to help clear things up a little bit. Thanks for your help.

Hello, One is for a Japan model and one is for a USA model. If your vin starts with a 1 it is the top choice, A J is the second choice.

Any suggestions?
Yeah, I was just thinking about that, and I did. I suppose I should use the USDM sensor. Which, wonderfully, is $55 extra. Plus the labor to get it installed, since there's no way in hell I'm messing with that trying to get it out of my manifold.

But you are running a JDM ECU and a JDM engine. I would ask around about if the JDM sensor would work.
Right, that's what I'm saying. There's a chance that the JDM O2 sensor will be wired up different and will send some fuxored signals again. is showing it being the same part as the more expensive one for the Accord. The reason I said I'd want the Accord one is that I'm using the Accord wiring harness. Hrm.

<--- stumped

OMG how could I forget a junkyard? Although I'll have to pay for it, I have the worst luck in the world. It would come back to bite me ten times over.