Code 45 Fuel Problems

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Junior Member
I have a OBDII GSR swap in my 97 civic ex, and its throwing a code 45 - Too Rich too Lean. I seem to have intermittent problems and the car stumbles from time to time. I've checked the spark plugs and seem to be wet with fuel. Could it be a set of bad spark plugs? A bad distributor? Not enough spark? Since its an intermittent problem could it be a loose connection at a sensor or at the ecu that could cause this? I here from my buddy that a MSD ignition may just solve this problem for me, he also suggested getting a Fuel reg w/guage. Any ideas as far as a faulty wire harness or sensor that might cause similiar problems?


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:eek: check your o2 sensors man if fuel is on yor spark plugs then that mean your getting way to much fuel upping your spark may not solve your problem yes better spark burns more fuel but reduces gas milelege and you will probly go through some fouled plugs alot because of the extra fuelon the plugs