code 54 on p72 ecu

After installing my p72 ecu i am getting code 54. I chekced and i found it to be the ckf sensor but i have no idea what this is or how to fix it. Any info would be appreiciated.
Nobody has had this problem? I have been looking more into this i believe that neither my accord nor the h22a4 had this sensor. I do however have a ckp and i was wondering if this sensor uses the same signal. Maybe i could splice a wire to the ecu where the ckf is supposed to be? I have checked and there is no wires pinned in the spots for the ckf. Any info on this is appreiciated because i need to get the check engine light off so that i can go to emissions.


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how did you discover the ecu was throwing error code 54?

Ive never heard of the sensor either. jump the ecu and double check that code.
I checked it several times and it was definatly code 54. For now i have solved it by splicing the ckp wires and runing them to both the ckp and ckf positions on the ecu. It has solved the problem for now but i am not sure this is the best way to do it, so if anybody has any info i am still open to sugestions.


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If all codes have cleared, then you did something right. Worry about what is at hand, not what may come. <<<<<This doesn't apply to regular maintenance or habits.