Code 6 On A Pm6 Ecu

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recently after my z6 swap into my crx si, my PM6 ECU is flashing 6 times. where do i go to get info on what this code means? or can one of you guys help me?
6 Coolant temperature sensor or circuit

its on the back of the block near the oil filter but dont get it confused with that other one back there, the ECT has two prongs on it the other one back there has 1... BTW, what is that other one... i know its in an oil galley?
If your temp sensor is'nt near your oil filter, it is on the thermostat housing. ( Head end of the upper coolant hose.) Some z6's are different than others.
hahahha ect sensor is in the back near the oil filter? hmm...that sounds like you're discribing the knock sensor....i dont know...but engine coolent sensors are usually on the side of the head on toward passenger side...
Well here's the story. when i was doing the swap, the website i went to said that there would be a two prong sensor on the back of my A6 that i would have to put on the back of the z6. So i did. and the plugs lined up. but on the z6, there is a 2-prong sensor also on the thermostat housing that is not hooked up because there is not a plug for it on my wiring harness. Should i try to run the wires over to that sensor? would that work maybe??
That should be your coolant temp sensor on your thermo housing. The z6's ive heard have no knock sensor on the outside of the block. They may have one somewhere else, but i know i don't have one. There is one wire on the back of the block that i think is the oil press. sending unit. But, that wire is already on your 4th gen. SI harness, therefore ,it is not the knock sensor. The wire isn't RED, i think its brown. Just extend the 2 wires over to the thermostat and call it a day. :worthy: