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Senior Member
Starting to snow hard here downtown, we only have about a 1/2" at the moment but coming in fast. Were supposed to have 8-16 inches by later tonight with the heaviest snow fall from noon to 9pm. Blizzard warning is also in effect because of the strong winds.

I can't believe its taken this long to get our first major snowstorm this year.


Kung Foolin'
Hasn't global temperature actually gone down?? I've heard more things about "global cooling" actually.

And yeah, the snow is nice, except I'm stuck at home by myself, no beer, no friends. Just me and my dog, and this annoying ass roommate that just rents a room out. I think I need a few beers just to handle his bullshit. :ph34r: Maybe I'll try to get some pictures of my dog enjoying the snow.