Cold Air Intake Install

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my cold air intake comes tomorrow :D and i need to know how to remove my front bumper. it drive a '91 CRX Si. i think i saw a site that shows you how but i cant find it anymore. has anyone else seen this site? if so where is it? thanks


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yeah, i'd like to know how to remove my bumper too. I have my intake and want to install it but I have no clue how to remove the bumper. I have a '94 accord if anyone could help.


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I'm not positive on this one so you might double check. I have a 99 civic ex and my bumper comes off with like 6 screws and 5 little plastic clips. With the plastic clips, you just need to pry the middle of them up with a flat bladed screwdriver, not too far, just about 1/4" and then the whole plastic clip will come out. You guys just need to mess around with your car and you'll see where it is secured on. Hope I can help.


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taking the bumper off on a CRX (at least mine) is a pain in the ass. my screws are always stripped, and they are in there at weird positions. for the intake install, just remove the passenger side front wheel and take off that little plastic guard. this will be much easier than messing with the bumper.


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I had to remove both my front bumper and the rear bumper for the kit. Here's how to do it.......

1. Remove the screws inside the wheel well, there should be 2. They will come right out easily with a phillips head screw driver.

2. There will be a screw inside the grill somewhere that will be extreemely hard to get out. If your car has over 80,000 miles on it, I suggest
drilling it out.

3. There will be another 4 or 5 screws on the top of the bumper that will be just as hard. They will be completely rusted on, good luck getting them.
Your better off drilling them all out and threading new ones, or finding another way to do it.

Good Luck!!!!


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instead of removing my bumper i just jacked it up and removed the inside of the fender well. it worked out fine. thanks


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werd, get a screw driver/ 10 mm ratchet. there should be 2 screw above the tires, pull the splash guard up to get them, then unscrew the 5-7 screws where the hood meets the bumper, and get the 2 bolts holding it on underneath it--mine were actually screwed up from road rash, so they were easier to get off. just rip out the resonator, all the stock shit from the thottle body down, and put in the intake.


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tools i think a 12mm and a 10mm socket with extensions wrench phillips head driver take out the four screws in the wheel wells firsttake off your front turning signals then somewhere behind them r 4 bolts take them off then it is like magic the bumper is off BUT REALLY THIS SHIT ISN'T ROCKET SCIENCE