Colors that "hide" body flaws.

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Wanted to know if anybody had some good information on what colors do a better job of hiding flaws in the body. I am not talking about huge dents and scratches but normal everyday wear and tear defects.

I was considering repainting my car to the original black but everybody tells me that the paint would show every flaw that is on the car. My second choice was like the Corvette yellow or the blue that was on the Civic SI from 92-95 or so.

People at the paint shops are telling me to go with the yellow and I have had a few tell me that particular blue would be better then the black.

Any info would be great. I am not trying to have a show car but I don't want it to look like crap either. The entire car right now is covered in primer.


I will have to look into the silver and red. I did not even thank about those colors. Something like a flat charcoal might me cool as well but I will have to find some pictures of what they actually look like. I don't know of anything rolling around here with a flat charcoal paint job.

I really like the sound of the flat charcoal the more I think about it. I guess that would be cool since it would not reflect much light to show stuff. Thanks
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i wouldn't worry about getting a color to hide daily marks. if you just take care of the car, it will be ok. there is no real way to avoid this. just make sure you get a color that you like.


:werd: on the white.

Yea I found a bunch of pictures of white ones and they look great. I am going to head to the PPG guy in the morning and see if he will hook me up with one of those flip books or whatever they are with all the colors and codes.

I know this is OT a bit but does anybody know where to find the rear spoilers for the crx? The little one that mounts on top of the hatch that is like 3-4" wide? I had a old book mark of a place in California but deleted it awhile ago.

^^^Just in case you want to look at some random pics.


flat colors. that changes things.
for flat, i think i've only seen dark blue, black, and grey. go dark.
i wouldn't think flat black would show much. maybe other colors will show less but look nasty.
Darker colors like black show waves and dents really bad

Lighter colors like white an other bright colors show por panel alignment and this drives me nuts more than a wavy door or quarter


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Just don't wash it. My dark green teg has dings and dents. No one can tell right now though.


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Just don't wash it. My dark green teg has dings and dents. No one can tell right now though.

I've been doing this for years. It's awesome when your dark green car suddenly is shiny after you wash it too. It's like "WOAH!!!! WOAH!!! My car is shiny?!?"

Someday I'm going to buy a porsche cabrio and never wash it, just to piss off the porsche assholes.


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white or silver/gray works well. I had a gray ef and it hid the dings and scratches extremely well! Car looked clean.


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White is the color to go, I'm mixing up a sweet looking metalic silver, i'll let you know if it really shows any of my dents. But then again, if your going to take the time to spray the whole car down and pay for paint and what not. Why dont you just buy the 10 bucks worth of bondo or something and take care for your dents? then sand it down and make it look flawless almost?

just an idea.