Comlete LS or B16 motor swap!!


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I am selling a complete B16 or LS motor swap for $4200. The entire swap will be done by my mechanic. The B16 is at 170hp and the LS is at 160hp. If you have any questions email me at [email protected] I live in the San Diego area if anyone is interested. Or you can call me at 760-458-8625. Thanks


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The LS will be about 150hp. Sorry for that error. Both swaps will come with some type of upgrade depending on what car the motor is being put into which is included in the $4200. Best results will be in a civic hatch.

Upgrades can include:
Fuel rail system
new clutch
motor mount kit from Hot Sport
Catback exhaust

Remember all upgrades differ depending on the car. Call or email for specifics.