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can someone explain what a port and polish is and does, and also what a 3 angle or whatever is and does.... is it worth it or what???
3 angle valve job definitely but the port and polish of the head i wouldn' heads flow fairly well from the factory so the cost doesn't justify the end result...
as a beginer mod... no i would not bother doing either of them ... get all the bolt-ons etc taken care of.... then you will be at a point where you will see the gains and benefits of the PnP, valve job, etc...
Porting is grinding and enlarging the the intake and exhaust opening on your cylinder head to gain optimum air flow and exhaust discharge. Polishing is like the word says, which is basically smoothening the grinded area for better directed air flow. A 3 angle whatever... as you mentioned pertains to the valves. Most stock cylinder head comes with a 3 angle valve job already. It is the angle of the valves itself relevant to the angle on the head for sealing purposes, very critical. When you upgrade a "head", (think car now guys), these are the things you'd want to do, of course there's way more shit to the list I can add, but this should basically answer your questions.