Compatible Transmissions?

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Ok ....anyone know all the possible transmissions that will work with a 92 prelude s motor in a 92 hatch?? What would you recommend?? Thanks.
What will work:
92+ Prelude (all models)
90+ Accord (all models)

I'd recommend a tranny off of a Prelude VTEC if you want to stay n/a, and a tranny off of a 92-96 Prelude Si if you plan on boosting it.

Why are you swapping that engine into a Civic?
sorry bout the double post...I didnt get v-tec because lotta guys around here got vtec and flex real hard. I got about $4,000.00 in the motor and still need to get a turbo(suggestions appreciated). I just thought after I got the car done, I could put vtec killer on the side of it and stir some shit..I dunno, maybe ill just get a V8 Kilr license plate??
Actually, I'd be all for the H23, but you said you dropped the engine from the Prelude S in there, which is a single cam non-VTEC. Did you mean the H23 from the Prelude Si? Then I'd understand. :)
I haven't dropped the motor yet, It is a prelude s motor..I bought internals and lowered the compression to about 8.8:1. rods, pistons, ferrea titanium head components..etc. Then I dropped it all off to a guy that builds pulling motors. His work is supposed to be very good, but he takes forever. Anticipating that he is almost finished, I am looking for a transy. Also, which mount kit is best??
Sounds like a nice setup. Since you're looking to boost it, I'd say get the H23. It's stronger than an F-series engine (which you're going to drop in) and has longer gears than an H22 tranny.
ok...but the transy you recommend is the 92-96 prelude si?? A honda technician said my motor will be safe at 20-25 psi. Do you agree? Also which way should I go for axles..maybe increased horsepower will rip them out??I am confused on quite a few topics regarding the swap and need to know where to get advice/answers. Things like....

Best turbo?
Mount kit?
Lowering springs or Bag it?
If you haven't resleeved it, I might be worried about those hp numbers. Otherwise it sounds good.

At those torque numbers, you might want to think about upgraded axles if you plan on autocrossing or drag racing, along with a good clutch to hold all that power.

And don't get bags. They're for show cars. If you want a good suspension setup, get a good set of shocks and springs to accommodate the extra weight of that engine.
Thanks alot dude...I did have the motor resleeved. Also, where would I get upgraded axles?? Im in ky , so we are years behind the rest of the import scene, and stuff is harder to get. What about limited slip? good idea?
Nice. I don't know where to get custom axles, someone here could probably help you out.

An LSD would be a good idea. Quiafe makes a great LSD for that tranny.
Thanks for all the help....Drag generation 4 turbos were about to come out, but I am still waiting. Are they the best turbo kit??
to get axles go to dss. they got custom axles there, a lot of hybrid h22 (even though you dont have that, but whichever tranny you use, its the same) guys recommend them. And just so you know.. if you upgrade to stage 2 or higher the axles they rub on your strut forks because they are so fat. to fix this you can use 90-93 accord strut forks. and as far as mounts.. you get what you pay for.. i recommend hasport.. good quality shit. but you can use hcp or placeracing. If you use place racing you have to use place racing axles.