Complete B16 part - out!!

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Turbo Parts!!!!!!!! 412-377-7699 txt anytime

All prices are shipped and OBO will separate the intercooler, bov, and piping!!

* B16 cast turbo manifold w/ wastegate in the middle where it should be - $ 75 shipped

* B16 head w/ dizzy, brand new valves, guides, hot tank, and glazed bottom.. have receipt for the machinework with the date on it 1-13-09 never run - $375 picked up or 450 shipped

* Blox intake manifold w/ H.A.D throttle body 68mm - $ 200

* JDM fuel pressure regulator - $ 40

40" Russell 4AN oil feed line with fittings to fit T3, T3/T4, most any turbos - $35

Head comes complete and put together unless you want it like it is to put it on... however you want.
Now for the good part... PICS






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still have intake mani, front mount with piping, oil feed and return, fpr, !!! others might be sold but no money yet
whats up

whats up bro are you up for any trades? if you want to go bigger and better on the turbo end i am trying to get rid of my gt35dbb turbo...


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head is still here THIS IS A SWEET HEAD. NEVER RUN my car wouldnt start because of 2 dead cylinders in block. i still have the receipt

come get it guys


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i'll give you 600 shipped for the assembled head and blox IM w/ t.b please pm me


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Intake Manifold USDM or JDM?? B16A right?


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i hate that smog crap.. sorry man im just shocked nobody scooped this up yet. this is completely fresh!! like receipts to prove it