complete obd1 Mini Me swap for sale + more

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jdmzach "country boy"
hey guys, ive got some things for sale and im also helping my buddy sell his swap. it is currently still in his ej1 coupe, runs great and strong, doesnt smoke or leak anything, dont use/burn oil, its clean too. the buyer can come drive/test/hear the motor and tranny before it is pulled and sold. it wont be pulled until sold, and we will not part out the swap, its for sale only.

Included in the swap is:
*Complete obd1 d16y7/d16z6 Mini Me, w/ new 2layer y8 headgasket and gaskets
*Si 5spd tranny with a stage 1 exedy clutch kit (i think stage 1 lol)
*fairly new aftermarket 4-1 header, bronze in color, not rusty at all
*new spectre cold air intake kit w/ polished piping
*z6 dizzy, ngk plugs, recent tune-up
*ex engine harness, uncut, obd1
*stock mapped obd1 p28 ecu
*axles, i think heavy duty ones, with low miles on them
*shift linkage
*motor and transmission mounts+inserts
*everything you could possibly need to do this swap into any honda is included with the motor and transmission as listed above. its in great shape, an easy 9 out of 10. the only thing this motor needs is the idle air control valve cleaned, and the coolant changed. it likes to idle up and down between 800-1300 rpms once the engine gets warm. it runs great and the tranny shifts smooth, no grinding or popping, no misses or knocking/pinging/tapping coming from anywhere. its gonna make someone very happy they have vtec lol

you can contact one of us by phone if you want the swap:

me, zach @ 606-706-0733 Txt only please, no calls accepted

owner of swap, charlie: 859-324-6394 call/txt anytime before 1am central time

if you are looking for honda parts, i have some other things for sale myself...

a nice blue Tenzo R racing seat that id like to get some cash for, not really looking for trades unless u have a d-series turbo kit (dont have to be expensive lol) or maybe a good b16 or b18 engine or tranny laying around, maybe some wheels...let me know what you have and we will work out something.

*Tenzo R racing seat, blue, in good-great shape, not reclinable. $300 obo
*obd0 pg7 and obd1 po6 ecu's. both are stock $20 each

*obd1 d15b7 dizzy, no cap, works with no issues. $25

*d16a6 timing belt, almost brand new OEM belt, maybe 100 miles got put on it before the headgasket blew from a shitty sealing job. $15

*d16y7 water pump, in great working shape, makes no noise when spun and gasket is almost perfect, no rotting/chafing..$20

*pacesetter 4-1 header for z6 or d-series. $150 firm

*white faced guages with blue marks, unsure on brand but i think apc, its for 88-91 crx, in my crx now. lights up a nice blue at night. $75+ your guage cluster..must have rpm guage and must work

91 crx si with a d16z6 swap and 5 spd si tranny with a stage 2 4 puck clutch kit, 10:2 compression ratio, spectre short ram cold air intake, pacesetter header, 2" full exhaust with catback, ryewire obd1 converted, p28 ecu, all done right and clean. interior is gutted besides dash, gt steering wheel, tenzo R and integra seat. it has 13" american racing wheels with brand new tires on them, new 2 layer y8 headgasket (for higher compression ratio) new timing belt/water pump when the motor was swapped in, about 2 weeks ago. also has new tie rod ends, alignment, and a fresh oil change, plugs, and tps sensor on the throttle body. it runs great, has plenty of power for a d-series, it shifts smooth in all gears but sometimes there is a slight grind at high rpms going into 3rd, no big deal at all and hardly noticeable. vtec kicks at about 5k, car has been tuned on 91 pumpgas, made 154 whp/148 tq. txt my cell at 606-706-0733 anytime for more pics info on the like to sell/trade it, looking for a b-swapped eg hatch/coupe, or a integra...let me know if you have something id like.

96 black 4door integra ls rolling shell only with title and has slight damage to the front bumper and hood and has full interior and everything minus the whole swap, easy fix, no trans with it but can leave the whole swap in the car, running perfect with no issues mechanically, for $2000 obo....also, would trade the integra as a whole car still running and only needing body work, but will only trade for a complete b-series or h-series swap, with a 5spd tranny, not auto!!! pics coming tomorrw!!

96 integra ls auto tranny with convertor..$200 obo (MIGHT take $800 for shell and trans together without the motor/harness/ecu/mounts)

92-95 civic rear bumper (white, with a crack and some scratches but has the factory lip) cover and support..$40

d16a6 cam and cam gear together, looks good...$30

black d-series non vtec valve cover, in good shape no cracks or anything $20

full size radiator with both fans or 1, doesnt matter to me..$50, not damaged

half size radiator with fan, not damaged, perfect for turbo apps..$50

and i have a brand new iphone touch, barely used, still even has the protective film that comes on the screen, the part u peel off. its a 64 gig i think, has a chrome back on it, its almost brand new, bought this month...$400 obo

thats all i can think of for right now, but if i find more stuff laying around, ill post it up also, and ill update stuff as it is sold. some things ive posted for my buddy charlie, so ill have to ask him about it as it comes up, no problem though. pics will be coming as soon as we get the integra to his house, we're getting it to pull the b18b and the swap parts out and sell the rest. so post up if ya see something u like/need/want..and please dont be a smartass lol

i would be willing to trade on some of my stuff, im currently needing a fuse box, the under-dash one, for a 88-91 crx, preferably a si if i can get one. and maybe some wheels or a turbo kit for d-series would be nice..
thats all i can think of for now but if i find more laying around, ill post it up.