Compression And Timing

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Junior Member
I am building a lsvtec / stock b16 head with 11.5 c/r and i was wondering if there are any timing adjustment
( or any adjusments) to be made before i drive it ?

will the stock b16 ecu work with the set up?

thanks guys
Which B16 ECU? I assume you are putting this engine into a 96 Civic Hatch (you name) if not which chassis is it going into?
I ran 11.5:1 on stock ignition timing no problems.
thanks for the quick reply, it is a 99 b16 ecu

so you think the stock ign, and timing would work?
does extra fuel need to be added?

I am not sure if you need to add fuel pressure with the B16 ECU, but I bet not. If anyone knows different, please correct me.
I know the stock ignition timing works with an OBD1 P72 ECU/Distributor. As for stock ignition parts, they will work great.