compression problem help!

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boostless and proud!
I have a 92eg with a jdm h22a swap and I noticed a few days ago wen I was changin the spark plugs that there was oil on one of my plugs. So my friend said it might be a ring, or valve seal. So I did a compression test and it came out 240,210(which is the one with the oil problem),250,260. And unless my math skills are retarted that's 20percent difference between 260 and 210. I just brought the the car to the track and it ran 13.6, and I'm not losing any power, and it doesn't burn any oil. So I'm pretty fooled on this. If any one has any ideas it would be greatly apreciated. Thanks
oil can also get on your plugs if your plug seals are bad, they are a rubber grommet located on the bottom of your valve cover where the spark plug tube enters the valve cover. Is the oil on the top of the plug or on the bottom? You have a large variation between your numbers are you sure you did the compression test correctly?
I'm pretty sure I did it right I warmed the car up to normal operating temperature, disconnected the coil, took all the plugs out. I didn't know if there's a certain amount of turnovers, to get the right measurement, so i cranked it until it stopped at a certain psi and wouldn't increase anymore, reaching its max psi for that cylinder. it also seemed weird to me that the first cylinder was 240 the second was 210 and 250, and then 260, it seemed to keep increasing every cylinder. Maybe there's some step I didn't follow that I didn't know of, if there is please let me know, because this is really buggin me the hell out that its showing no signs of a bad ring or valve seal. Maybe i I just got a defective compression gauge. Idk its just killin me, that I have no idea wats goin on to my engine.