Compression Ratio (and any other advice)

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Here is where I am at... I dropped off my B18B1 block at the machine shop. They're installing my Darton sleeves and honing them at 84mm. I have settled on a set of CP pistons and eagle rods (after reading so many recommendations). However, I can't seem to settle on a compression ratio. This engine won't have turbo until it's been installed and broken in.

B18b1 (non-vtec of course)
84mm darton sleeves
CP Pistons (compression?)
Eagle rods
OEM Crank
ARP everything
must be turbo ready
Since you are going turbo I would personally suggest a 9:1 compression. It will be safe enough and will keep the static compression down. I personally used to want to go with a 10:1 compression but am having doubts myself nowadays, since that, from what I understand, is the highest static compression you would want to run while turbo'ing.

Best of luck to you my friend. Keep us updated on your build. :thumbsup:

Just out of curiosity, how much did your sleeving go for?
I was actuallly looking into 9;1 compression. Back in the day 8.5:1 was all I ever thought about putting into a domestic V8 with forced induction. I know that the octane level I am going to run relies on the dynamic compression, but I don't want to end up too high and grinding down pistons to lower it.

The sleeves went for 400 (just wait long enough. Someone who had 600 bucks and poor foresight will post his brand new sleeves on Craigslist, after he realizes he can't afford the install)
The install is at a place called T-Hoff. Sleeving is 650, honing is 100 and balancing the rotating assembly is 150. The decking and cleaning are all included in the install price.
In this Area there are cheaper shops, however they truly are "cheaper" shops. Proper sleeve alignment and install is to important foe me to lowball.
i agree with Loius999 definitly get some lo lo comp pistons. Its make it much more fun when get to use a bigger turbo and turn the boost up. Looks like your builing a bossted motor for sure. Good choice.