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when i got my new comp it came with norton free for a year so thats what i have, but the past 2 days every time i run a scan or turn my comp on its picking up a trojan.wimad thats needs to be removed. but i called norton because i cant get it to remove they told me it would be 2 weeks before they can remove it on windows vista.and now im worried this thing is gonna steal my info and screw up my computer what should i do.

well there are a couple of options. first make note of where the virus is hiding. then you can try these steps:

1) reboot in safe mode with everything off (including networking) and run the a virus cleaner to see if its removed. if not, try manually deleting by browsing through the files and see where its hiding.
2) hook the hard drive its self to a different computer and scan it thus preventing the virus from even turning booting and loading itself.
3) back up everything and format. if you want to be sure, get a program that writes 0 all over it.
4) wait for norton to release a fix.

i recommend norton 2009 or nod32 for virus cleaners and SuperAntiSpyware cleaner for malware.

post back.
Ok first of all norton sucks and can get virus's itself. I suggest using something like Avast or avg (avast is better I think) then run Spybot Search and destroy. in conjunction these work amazingly well. also download Ccleaner to clean out your registry and your cookies. This should clean your computer while also making it faster than it was before. I suggest using to get these. is trusted by thousands of company's as a safe place to download sooftware.