computer wont recognize my 360.. re: streaming media

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alrighty... i've been trying for a couple hours to stream my music and videos from my computer to my Xbox 360 .. my 360 told me to go to | Xbox 360 Media Download Center .. i've done the steps it says to do.. but when i get into WMP and try to get my 360 to the allowed share list it doesnt even show up.. like where there is supposed to be list of hardware or whatever, it shows nothing.. blank white area.. bah.. pissing me off..

everything is connected right.. i'm using a powerline adapter (for those who dont know what that is, its plugs the ethernet cable into the power outlet and sends the internet through the powerlines) would that cause my computer and xbox to not recognize each other??
Hmm, I'm not sure of what the problem could be but I will check with my brother and see if he knows, Clint. I'll let you know if I find out anything.
cool.. thanks.. my buddy is gonna stop by tomorrow and take a look at it for me.. until then, i'll be fine..
Any luck figuring out the problem, Clint? I've talked to my brother for a second but he's been so busy that we haven't been able to finish the freakin' conversation.
you need to use media center expander.

what are you running for windows? you need a media center enabled OS.
i'm running Windows XP SP3 i think.. is the extender something i d/l on my PC??
i have the SP2.. and i've done what it says to do, my computer doesnt recognize the 360 .. i'm assuming it has to do something with the powerline adapter i'm using
actually i lied. it works both for my vista and XP media center machine.
im using a d-link draft N wifi router. when i swapped from my belkin to that i had no config changes in the router to make it work. it just did.
after reading up, Orb is for the old 360 dashboard (before the update).. now its built in

i have a xbox compatible Linksys router... damn this is really frustrating me..
you think it has something to do with my firewall.. its not on the strict setting
here is what i see when i'm in WMP11 .. i select "Library", "Share media" this window pops up
.. nothing in it

also, on my 360 it says, "no computers listed"


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i really dont remember doing it that way...

maybe if i put up a picture of mine working yours will :)