Coneverting a DA automatic to a 5 speed Manual

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its kind of self explanatory...

cable tranny, flywheel, clutch, throw out bearing, pressure plate, 5 speed brake pedal, 5 speed clutch pedal and pedal assembly, clutch cable, possibly diffrent mount for the tranny, shifter, shifter rods, and possibly an ecu...

oh and possibly axles...
cable trans
5 speed pedal assembly
clutch kit
shifter/shift boot/knob
shift linkages
ECU (unless you want to convert the auto to a manual)
youve got to drill a hole in the firewall for the clutch cable
you've got to shim the passenger mount like a lot.
i used the auto axles and intermediate shaft

there's other small shit, you may want to get the rear mount as well, fornt mount for a manual. you'll def. need the passenger side manual trans bracket and mount.

to avoid shimming the passenger side mount, you can drill the spot welds on of the AT mount out so the AT frame mount cames off and weld the MT frame mount to the chassis.
if place racing is still in biz then they carry a auto to stick mount conversion. if they are no longer try i did an auto to stick in both of my da 4dr's and it was easy except drilling a hole in the firewall for the clutch cable and puting in 5spd pedals. that was a bitch!

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why did you post pictures of a car that has nothing to do with this thread?

intsalling the pedals and the hole for the cable are not hard at all.