confused what colors should i paint my car

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All i have to say is wow. I can't believe you posted in the right forum based on what you had on that cardomain site. I am laughing at the fact an intake and exhaust cost the same as your car. Just leave the car black.
screw the paint job, save money for a h22 if you really think you are going to acheive 200-400hp with a turbo. and I don't think a CAI gives you 20hp, same with the greddy catback.
50 hp from intake and exhaust?? let me know where you got that shit, i'd like to buy the same for my car!!! lol


He is some 15 year old kid who opened up a ricer mag. That venom computer won't do shit for you, the intake added maybe 4hp at the most same with the exhaust. If your plans are for turbo why are you wasting your money on the intake and an n/a exhaust? Just trying to figure out your plans.

Leave the car black, red neon is gay.
ricer ricer ricer...neons? come on now...waste of money and you don't get girls with those lol black car is nice just see if it needs some touch up paint and make your interior whatever color you want....lose those janky fog lights too
Well, I don't know if everyone else bothered going to the last page to see the condition of your paint but yeah, that paint job is fucked. I would paint it a different color if you are going to actually go to the trouble of prepping it correctly. It seems like you are going to try and do the work yourself, if this is true then I'll give ya some props. HOWEVER..... don't rice out your car man. You can have it look different w/o it looking janky.

For example, remove those g-damn fog lights. They look dumb and they aren't going to help. How often do you drive in fog, really?? Also, the racing seats don't match your interior so I would suggest replacing them with the factory seats until you change all of the interior at once. It just doesn't make sense to have red/black seats with purplish/mauve interior. Imagine if you were told to wear a pair of pants the color of your rear seat and a shirt the color of your front seats. You'd look like a damn retard. No girls would talk to you. Well thats how you dressed your car in this case. Looks ridiculous.

Next up.... Forget the neon lights. Played out, not cool in my opinion. If you're gonna add a body kit and lower the car and add a spoiler that is aesthetically pleasing to the car, cool. Remember, a car should flow and be nice to look at, not like a transformer like that gen II eclipse on here. Last but not least, I mentioned it seemed like you were gonna prep the car for paint yourself. If you are going to change the color be sure that you do everything necessary or the paint is gonna look like poop. For example, you have to remove the winshield, or at least the seal around it, all the lights, the door handles, the door panels and preferably move the engine out of the way so that you can change the color correctly. Note that I said correctly. I mean I can go get a spray can and change the color of a car but we want girls to get in the car, not run from it or cause them to laugh at us right?? I mean if ya want me to take a shit in a car and mark it guaranteed, I'll do it. I've got spare time. All you're gonna be getting in that case is a guaranteed piece of shit. But for your sake, for your cars sake, you oughta consider some of the things that people will suggest on this forum.

Also, like the other guys said, don't believe what everyone says you can pick up from bolt-on mods. Unless you dyno it and know for sure, don't spit out numbers, you just might run into someone who will call you out. Good luck on your car, hope it turns out great.
Originally posted by erikespo@Jul 5 2005, 03:57 AM
Anything that you can't find in a bag of skittles or M&Ms
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pink, no, lime green, no, brown, no, ahh i got it, how about BLACK!!!

fook the vinyl, foglights, neons, big ass rims(soon to come), ricer washer lights

yo, let me get an intake that adds 20hp. and a 400hp turbo would be nice too
How about white? I don't think I've ever seen white M&Ms... except... christmas. Damn.

:eek: Good lord kid! Please dont rice out that car anymore than it already is! Paint that shit either black or charcoal grey, lose the foglights, get rid of the crappy generic seats, trash those hideous wheels, and get a real intake for crying out loud. F*@k the stupid neons and a crappy Venom chip. Save your money and spend it on stuff that will actually look good or perform well instead of catching the attention of the police. Oh and your intake and exhaust did not give you +50HP, try close to 5-9HP combined over stock if that. I hate to burst your turbo bubble, but a turbo on that motor aint gonna get you no 200-400HP+ :lol:

Are you even old enough to drive a car?!?!
Originally posted by DesertNightEagle@Jul 5 2005, 06:27 PM
there you go, Silver it is!!! Winner, Winner Chicken DINNER!!!
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good ole HFS... :( you only know what i mean if you live in maryland:)

oh yeah an leave it black and dont mess with it. Get out of the honda game before it is too late. Buy an older sentra and save your money from "hooking up yo whip".
wow, you guys are really ripping him one. so yeah, maybe he overestimated his stuff, maybe instead of making fun of him we should tell him a good way to acheive his goal of 400whp, although realistically he should be shooting for 250whp.

Here's a tip for you hondakpariaug:
1. If you want a clean swap wait to paint it.
2. Buy an easy swap for your car, such as a h22 leave the f22 in until everything is done with the h22 engine.
3. Take the engine apart, build up the internals to the power you realistically think you can achieve. If you want to make it look really clean don't skip on the small details, such as powder coating mounting brackets and such.
4. Keep old parts, never know when you can sell that shit or use them in the future.
5. When you take out the f22 all yourself alot of downtime so you can paint match your engine bay to the rest of the car, or just paint it black like I did, as well as installing the h22 and having it run smooth.
6. Wait until you have all of the body parts before painting the outside of the car, you don't want to do each part seperate because there is the possibility of a slight mismatch in color due to the different climate.

Don't rice that shit out too badly. I think that championship white or maybe a pearl white wouldn't look to bad. Might I recommend using a bumper you can add a bottom lip to, Example: R33 front bumper, lower portion (bottom lip): Carbon fiber. Get a decent looking carbon fiber hood, yeah it's a bit border line of rice. Don't put a huge ass wing on either, Just leave the spoilers off the trunk. As for rims, for looks don't go above 18", 17's would probably look good on it. I think the rims should be a dark shade, not black tho. Maybe a dark gunmetal.

But all this costs a crap load of money, and if you were going for speed you should have gotten a lighter car such as a CRX, Del Sol or Civic Hatch.

oh and where you from in MD, YouKnowWhoIBee?

still makes me mad 99.1 is now some burrito music station.