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alright...some ppl say the GSR motor is the top line next to the h22 of course cuz of the Vtec. if so how can the LS motor be stronger...i looked at the spec on the GSR vs the LS..GSR is stronger....but then why do ppl say that the LS is better 4 turbo? WHY idont get it.


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The LS comes with much lower compression than the GSR engines. With the LS engine you don't have to tune out nearly as much cam overlap. NA, there is no comparison, the GSR is a far superior engine, but for boost I would go with the LS.

In stock form the GSR is stonger yes. The H22 isn't top dog for VTEC engines, the C32A beats the pants off of it. :)

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we just had a huge debate about this a few weeks ago........ search for "what turbo should i get" in the f/i forum