Consistent High 12's In A B20b4 With Gsr Head

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Hey guys I was wondering how I can get consitent mid to high 12's from a b20b4 block and b18c5 head in a full interior 5th gen civic coupe using a t3/t4 turbo and NO NOS?

Thanks guys


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Dont use a c5 head b/c you wnt be using the cams. You can get a b16 head and pnp it and get crower valvatrain and crower turbo cams for just a little over what a Type R head can go for. (btw, type r head is a b16 head with a mild port job and better valvetrain and cams)

Mating a vtec head to that b20 block (i'm not sure what a b20b4 is out of, i'm guessing one of the crvs), if dont right, can cost between a grand to 3grand. And yes, matting and price of head was quoted for 3200 to a friend of mine.

Do not cut corners with a crvtec/t setup. Especially the crvtec process. There have been some failures for cutting corners, but some successes, like Mike's (calesta on here) ran for 45000 miles and seen 8500 rpm's daily and his blew b/c of driver error.

Research is your best tool, trust me.

btw, please dont double post. (you already have an active thread on this matter)

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