Converting a 96-98 radio brezel to 99-00


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This post is self explanitory. Do anyone know if this is possible? If it is, does it just hook right up? Let me know what you guys think.



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like everything if you have the patience, time and MONEY it can be done but because you are going from mechanical controls to electric controls theres more than just replacing the center climate control console.

here's a run down;
99+ Climate Control console with Climate harness
99+ Complete heater core Box
99+ Complete Blower Box
99+ Heater core harness
99+ Center Dash vent

this conversion has been talked about alot on ht
"chameleon" started a diy thread "96-98 EK Manual Climate swap to 99-00 EK Electronic"
it looks great but not worth it imo


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Doesn't really look that bad. I might end up trying it this summer. Thanks for all of your help. Now I just need to find the parts.