***coolant temp sensor plug broke....code 6***


Certified H22 Super-tech
i recently just put an H22 into my 1992 honda accord...earlier today i was rewiring all of my coolant sensors becuase a really shitty job was dont the first time. as i was rewiring, my coolant temperature sensor plug that attaches to the coolant sensor broke off. as i tried to start my car, it would not start and it threw a code 6 which is a coolant sensor temp malfunction but woud this cause the car not to start??
the car cranks and bogs like it wants to start but just dosent kick over as if its not gettin something or somethigs telling it not to start. it was working perfectly before but as soon as i went to start it, the car threw the code and would not start. is this a normal reaction that happens (as far as the car not starting) when there are certain codes are thrown?? are there sensors that will cause the car not to start if it throws a code?? would this cause the car not to start?? please let me kno ASAP..