Cost To Install Rods/pistons?

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I am getting ready to install my rods and pistons and am wondering about what it will cost, I'm planning to get the cylinder walls honed which I belive is importtant to get the rings to seal, is that correct. The engine has about 30,000. ANy suggestions on what to build up on the top end for moderate boost or should it be fine! Revs are being kept low at least for now!


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I would think the cost (your talking about getting it done by someone else right) would depend on how much work they had to do tearing the motor down,as opposed to you bringing the block in ready to have the work done.If you want to know the price of the parts that would depend to much on what you got to say,but don't forget to factor in a the little things like gaskets bolts etc...


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i know this isnt my post but i had this question too. what if you had the motor in your car and you wanted to have pistons/rods installed, so if you just take your whole car up to the shop and say u want pistons/rods installed, how much should i expect to pay?


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only thing having the engine in the car still does is make it harder to build the engine still the price should range 600-800 bucks for labor