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im ready to have my ls/vtec motor done, just bought a gsr head ( didint come with throttle body or intake manifold). so i want to get it done already. how much will it cost to have it done. thats with the mechanic doing it providing all the other needed parts?

how much extra would it cost to get CTR pistons with wrist pins and rings(os) installed also?

and yes i did search.......


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Originally posted by IntegraLS1995@Mar 27 2004, 08:35 AM
just post up what u THINK it will cost, i have to wait ill monday to find out.

Is knowing what we think going to make it any cheaper, or get you a correct answer any sooner?


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so get a write up of the estimate, and post it. Then, get a couple more quotes. For $50, I'll drive all over the place. You won't get ripped off unless you let them. Be a man, stick up for yourself, and cover your ass. Sorry if I sound harsh....

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$135 per hour + the mechanic gets to IDB your girl (or your mom if youre single)

thats the going rate