counter-strike : source

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my avatar is better.
I have been playing now for lmost 3 months and i am addicted. I really stray away from everything else when i play this. I only play on a few servers but look for me if you play :) - h-t 24/7 Custom Maps<=>Free Mani Admin - -- 24/7 #VIP Mod - suckaholics deluxe -- custom maps and sniper aim only - -- custom maps - noobs paradise

I play those basically in that order. My name is "I Like Pie"

anyone else play? And what servers do you use?


I'm just about that action Boss.
I wish I saw this in the past 6 years where I wasted my life playing this game :).


CS...hahah Seriously though who hasn't played CS.

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Ever since 1.3 was updated, its never been the same...


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I play occationally on whatever server I find. Good fuckin game. I'll look for ya if I'm on any of those servers.


Ive been playing off and on (more off than on) for like 3 years, and i just bought it for my comp in dec, im addicted to it too.

I like to play on ****newbies dust LA 24/7****** ****Coroner's Newbie LA ****** dust 24/7 24/7 (DEATHMATCH SERVER)(FF ON)(PSYCHO STATS) LSD rotation LSD hunting grounds DRUNK HILLBILLY REDNECKS zombie hoard tali's zombie pub

and whatever has 20+ people in italy.


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nerd? yes...

but this nerd turns his own wrenches, autocrosses his car, rides dirtbikes/streetbikes and used to race atv's.

i'd like to see you try DDR :wink: i can do any song that is 7 feet or less.


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I stopped playing CS awhile back; but I still play and prefer DOD(Day of Defeat); not Source though because to me DOD 1.3>DOD:S...


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CS sucks, whiners galore, and hacking faggots the lot of them.


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Honestly guys.. I think Counter-Strike is one of the dumbest games. THere's no point in playing this.


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I started playing this game like 3 months ago....not source....not even sure what source is...Condition Zero came with my ATI Radeon 9600 pro 256....i bought this card like over a year ago and finally decided to install the game...its pretty cool, i've become pretty to play in my spare many hakers even on the secure servers...nothing is ever secure....aim bots and speed hacks..walling..its pretty gay...