Counterstrike Rage .. Or Road Rage?!

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What happens when you play Counterstrike too much? You end up with a potty mouth. And some enemies:
So, the story goes that co-worker A got sick of co-worker B's constant profanity whilst playing Counter Strike. Co-worker A then hid a microphone next to co-worker B's desk, and captured this stream of rantings. Then, as co-worker A was a member of an electronic music-making concern, he endeavored to edit it all together. The end result was this: The Terrible Mr. G.

Terrible Mr. G
You guys play CS? There are 3 things in my life- My Car- Women friends - and Counter Strike since beta 5. If anyone is uber l337 pm me for match or something or go to the irc room #teamfosho. Oh yeah I am looking also for fresh new members for my clan Fo Sh0(|FS|).
I used to play CS all the time. Now I get a chance maybe once a week to play.

My CS name is S0ULF|RE and I only play on Bedlam servers.
The IP's are:
West (My favorite)
Hit me up on AIM if you're looking to play a few matches.

1.6 beta is pretty cool. The FAMAS and riot shield add a lot to the game.
now picture a ... small, black woman (white if you want to stay race blind), with some 80's sunglasses on, driving an SUV. Word.