County Sherrif Got Me Good,help Me!

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Hey i was up in the middle of nowhere tonight at like 12:20am and i was goin 75 when a cop came around a corner and nailed me before i could slow down. So he pulls me over and gave me a ticket for doing 75 in a 55. $133 dolla ticket, i need some help on ways that i can fight the ticket. It was foggy and we were going oposite ways,how can u tell if his gun was calibrated correctly?
hate to say this but he hit you with a radar gun, and it is a cops word against yours... 99 % of the time a judge is going to believe a cop in these circumstaces unless there is a non-biased witness, who can prove other wise...
Sorry man...
you have 2 chances.

if the cop doesnt show up to court you win.

everytime a cop uses his radar gun and writes a ticket he is supposed to write it down in his log book. sometimes they forget. if the cop does show up but cannot show in his log book where he used his radar detector than you win.

thats about it
$133 bucks? who cares, pay the damn thing and forget about it