Couple Questions

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Ok, as always I tried searching for most of this first, but came up with nothing. So here are the questions.

First: When I swapped my LS into my CRX I used the whole knuckles and brake assemblies off of the Integra. My car is lowered 1 1/4" on springs. I will tear both C.V. boots, on both sides in less than a month. Anybody else having this problem, and if so....what's your solution/idea?

Second: I have been running around with the ghettoist radiator setup ever. I kinda just took a stock 92-95 civic radiator and basically MADE it fit to have room for the turbo. Now I have a brand new Fluidyne that I would like to put in a bit nicer. From what I have read, all that I need to do this is a new front crossmember. So I will buy the Jimfab or FullRace Traction Control system. Are we sure that the lower radiator hose will clear this new Xmember and the hood will close?

Third: I'm not sure if it is my front struts going out or what, but has anyone elses crank pulley dropped down and grinded against the caster arms that go from the front Xmember to the L.C.A.'s when you go over big bumps or potholes? Mine does, and I have no idea why. My motor mount isn't broken, and I don't think that my struts would do that, but they might. I am open to any suggestions.

Thanks dudes, I know someones got answers, or at least something to say. :D


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The pully on teh arm sounds lieka strut problem.

I made my 92-95 radiator fit liek it was supposed to be tehre. I even used the mouting bracket it comes with. I'm using the stock crossmember. I imagine that since a fluidyne rad is much thicker you would defintiely need to get teh l-con traction bars or another brand of your choice. I had to trim my crossmember for the drain plug to clear, and also another spot for my lower hose.


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integra spindles give the car an improper suspension really want to use 91ex spindles for the correct geometry