crack in transmission

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New Member
when i was tightening down the drain plug on my tranny i put a slight crack in it. it's nothing too serious. it's kinda leaking but not gushing out. would it be safe to jb weld it???
thats what i did, i done the same thing back in the day i tried everything nothing worked but letting the pro do it lol.
hah. yeah i put some duraglass on it just so i could drive it home. it's not really that bad so it's not leaking alot. but not to be rude how much did u pay? i wanna know so i can start putting money aside for it.
it was 50 bucks with him putting in a lot of work mine turned into a hole about the size of a quarter
damnn. yeah mines not even a hole just like a hairline crack so far. but i'm about to get it taken care of really soon.
when welding cast aluminum you often have problems with crap in the metal and it blows up when you weld on it thats probaly why it turned in to a large hole