Crank Pulley Bolt Removal Problem

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I tried taking the crank pulley off. But had a hard time taking it off. Any suggestions? I know an impact gun would help. But I have no money to go out and spend couple hundred dollars for the impact gun, compressor. Would it be easier if i take the tranny off and just use a ring gear holder to hold the flywheel? Whats the easiest yet effective way to take that bolt off.
what i do is wrap the pully with a rag and lock a chain wrench onto it, Then put a 19mm on the bolt and a breaker bar and pull that shit hard. You can wedge the handle of the chain wrench on the LCA up front to hold it in place. I've always done it this way and it works fairly well.
I couldn't get mine off. My dad was bracing on the flywheel with a crow bar and I was using a 4' breaker bar on the other side....and the fucker still wouldn't come off.
Originally posted by 94CivicSlow@Jul 22 2005, 01:07 PM
I use an electric impact gun and had no issues its been on and off 5x. THeyre not expensive.
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Used impact gun and that piece of shit didn't come off. My buddy put back on TOO tight.