crankshaft position sensor

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eric p

New Member
im getting a check engine light for the crankshaft position sensor on my 1999 b18b. can i replace the sensor with one from the dist from a 2000 civic?
yes and no, I have only transfered parts out of 1 distributor to another once and I don't recommend it. I do recommend that you just replace the whole distributor.
On another note, are you positive that it's not the crankshaft fluctuation sensor??
The flux sensor is mounted on the oil pump housing and measures crankshaft position in a similar way to the ckp, but it determines fluxuation between the cylinder head reading and where the crankshaft really is. (slack in the timing belt or improper timing etc.)
I would probably check that first.
Otherwise, Distributors can be had from aftermarket companies like autopart international or advance auto parts or napa for about 200-300 bucks.
Or hit up your locak junkyard for a used one.