crazy happenstance.

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my nd my freind ran identical ETs I had a bad run he had a slightly bad run. He (837C) has an automatic 2002 ford focus ZX5, listen to this a couple weeks back he hit two 15.8 runs. making him the fastest atx n/a focus nationwide.


Originally posted by sohcslammer@Jul 9 2005, 10:43 AM
What's an atx n/a focus? Cause my friend runs 15.4 all day in his focus, all motor. I don't think 15.8 is a record for anything.
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Does your friend have an SVT? He's talking about the ZX5.

jim... are you on the left or right? If you're on the left, you need to get traction apparently. You trapped almost 4 mph higher.
This was a horrible run. I had a poor burn out, and buried the pedal launching at 4000+ which led me to spin my tires past the 60' mark, hence a 2.6. Bad run but just crazy.

His focus is Automatic and naturally aspirated, it is the fastest one of those he knows of. Manuals are faster easily. if your's is faster tell me, so i can waste his flavor.